At Proball Group we are actively involved in all aspects of Player Representation and pride ourselves in maximising our clients’ security and peace of mind, ensuring continued success both on and off the field.

Contractual Negotiations

We represent our clients in both new and existing contract negotiations and also facilitate transfer negotiations between clubs.

Financial and Legal

At Proball Group we are backed up by an experienced team of lawyers and independent financial advisors ensuring our clients always have the best advice and support in both a professional and personal capacity. From investments and pensions, to school fees and mortgages, our team are always at hand to support our clients in securing the best possible future for themselves and their families.

Marketing and Sponsorship

With boot deals and commercial endorsements being a normal part of the modern sports persons’ career and often a lucrative secondary income, we aim to source and secure the best marketing and branding opportunities for our clients and global partners.

PR Management

In a sport where image has a significant impact on a players’ career, we are always at hand to maintain excellent public relations and advise our client on all issues relating to media and publicity.

Personal Management

A footballers’ career often takes them away from the comfort of their home town or even country. At Proball Group we feel that our clients’ wellbeing and security is essential to their performance on the field. That’s why we make ourselves available at all times to assist in any way that may be required. Even as a friendly voice to discuss the game.

Your wellbeing is important to us’.

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